Uttranchal mai mushroom ki safal kheti

DASPUA publication, prepared by CMC.Krishi Vivida Vishashank

A compilation of 20 Newsletters of DASP-UA project.Achievements of DASP

A book on DASP's achievements of last 3 years.

Taiwan-Horticulture Scenario

A report on exposure visit to Asian Vegetable Research and Development Centre, Taiwan.

Socio- Economic Impact Assessment of DASP

A- research findings of AMC, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. conducted for DASPUA

Pahar ke Prarak

(Mountain’s motivator) – A magzine

Organic Farming

This was a DASP-UA publication, by R.K.Pant

Dai Maa (Traditional Birth Attanders)

It is SBMA publication, a rare collection of biographies of Traditional Birth Attainders. The book was edited by Jayprakash Panwar.

चैनल माउन्टेन, मीडिया के क्षेत्र मैं काम करने वाली एक अग्रणी एवं स्वायत्त संस्था है . जो की पिछले 21 सालों से सतत कार्यरत है.

Channel Mountain Ink

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