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Channel Mountain Communications welcomes all friends who supported the vision and mission of the organization. We wish to upload their profiles here in this page. CMC also welcomes new supporters of our journey.

Eleanor Gates-Stuart

[notice class="attention"]Ms Gates-Stuart was Head of the Centre for New Media Arts (CNMA) at the Australian National University (ANU), currently a Visiting Researcher at National ICT Australia (NICTA) e-Government project and Deputy Director of the Australian Science Festival.[/notice]

Ms Gates-Stuart is not only a friend n fan of Channel Mountain Communication but she is also a teacher, mentor and guide to us. Her advice and guidelines always improve our creative productions.

[blockquote class="default"]Jayprakash Panwar a documentary filmmaker with a passion and commitment to enhance social awareness and communication message through his extraordinary filmmaking craft and personal quest to share his creative knowledge to others .As an astute storyteller himself, Jayprakash, strives to address his research interest in relation to social issues and the impact of media coverage on public citizens. He generously provides a methodical insight into a visual history of social issues and provides readers with a broad spectrum of media centric facts in his investigation on how documentary film has brought awareness to human rights issues. Jayprakash advocates visual media is an essential key toolkit for storytelling, particularly effective in social change dynamic, directed and influenced by many film and documentary producers, via their social commentary impact and media content transcript.[/blockquote]

Ms Gates-Stuart


Dan Jantzon

Mr. Dan is a mountain lover, a keen traveler and a social engineer has visited most of the places on earth. Dan sir is a long time friend, mentor and a guide to Channel Mountain Communication, who never missed to visit us if he is around. He always keen to know the progress of CMC and always advice us in socio- environmental and cultural issues of the mountains.

Hem Gairola

Mr. Hem Gairola is a well known social worker, activist and an environmental conservator. He is well known scholar of forest conflicts and livelihood issues of the mountains. He is a generous supporter and contributor of the idea behind Channel Mountain Communication. Hem is not only a friend and fan of CMC, but also a mentor and guide to us.

Paul Kirwan

Mr. Paul Kirwan is a well wisher of Channel Mountain Communication. He trained Jayprakash Panwar ‘JP’, the Managing Director of CMC in ‘Digital Film Production’ and ‘Film Compositing’ at the Center for New Media Arts (CNMA), the Australian Nation University (ANU), Canberra. Mr. Paul has spent the past ten years working at the highest levels of the visual effects industry, helping make such films as Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He has worked with such directors as Peter Jackson, James Cameron and Australian legends George Miller and Peter Weir. After stints at Animal Logic, Weta Digital and Industrial Light + Magic, he has recently helped complete Michael Bay's Transformers as Compositing Supervisor at Digital Domain in Venice, California.[ ]


Che Baker


Mr. Che Baker is a well wisher and a mentor of Channel Mountain Communication. He trained Jayprakash Panwar ‘JP’, the Managing Director of CMC in ‘Digital Film Production’ and ‘Film Compositing’ at the Center for New Media Arts (CNMA), the Australian Nation University (ANU), Canberra.  Over the last ten years, Ché has gained extensive industry and educational experience, working and teaching in the film, television and computer industries. He has produced TV commercials, Music Videos, Corporate Videos and DVDs. Ché works as a freelance director and editor and specialises in Digital Video Technologies - he is one of Australia's leading experts on Digital Video Applications on the Mac Platform and has worked on such projects as: Dawson's Creek, Australia's Funniest Home Videos and a host of documentaries and feature films.

Narendra Singh Negi

Channel Mountain Communication is found of Narendra Singh Negi. CMC wishes him all the success in his creative world. Mr. Negi is one of the most popular folk singer, poet, writer, lyricist and musician has contributed in number of films and video albums.Dr. Harish Vashistha

Since the beginning of the idea of Channel Mountain Communication, he has played a pioneering role to shape the organization as a centre of excellence. He is not only a friend n fan of CMC but also a mentor and guide to us. He always enthusiastic to share his part to strengthen the mission and vision of CMC, either he is in flights, roaming in New York City or working with the communities of Bamiyan in Afganistan. He is mastering his visual anthropology approach in old land of great Budha.Dharma Nand Uniyal ‘Pathik’

Late Shri Dharma Nand Uniyal ‘Pathik’ is always an inspiration to Channel Mountain Communication (CMC). He is a well known respected literary figure in Uttarakhand’s Hindi and Garhwali literature world.  His works of poetry, story writing, prose, feature writing and journalism made him recognition among common masses. He was active in writings till his death. Late Pathik contributed Badri Kedar Kee Oor, Chandrabadani, Surkanda, Kalimath, Astabakra, Kilkileshwar books and edited number of souvenirs, newsletters, reports and published thousands of journalistic reports and features. He was also a devoted social worker had established number of schools, participated and strengthens Chipko, Garhwal University, anti Liquor and separate statehood movements in Uttarakhand. He was a close supporter of the idea of CMC.Pankaj Bisht

Sir Pankaj Bisht is highly honorable novelist, story writer and author has contributed number of books in Indian Hindi literature.  His famous Hindi novel ‘Oos Chiriya Ka Naam’ made him common among Indian readers. He lives in Delhi and visits any where to strengthen literature, film, television, radio and journalism movements in India. CMC is fond of Sir Pankaj Bisht and always wish him for his bright future.Ghananand Gadodia ‘Ghanna Bhai’

Sir Ghananand is the most promising theater and film star of Uttarakhand. He is well known face in the crowd and has long list of fans. He is a well-wisher of Channel Mountain Communication (CMC), he frequently visit our studio and enrich our experiences.Sevn Schneider

A young German friend has worked in JP’s short films as an actor. He is also a most promising star of future. Sevn completed his master in international relation and visited many countries of the world. He is a well-wisher of CMC.Jagmohan Jayara ‘Jigyansu ji’

He is a mountain lover, poet and a writer. He benefited and supported us in films, radios and television projects as a freelance writer. He comented "Channel Mountain Communication is a mountain window, where any one can fulfil his or her desire of creativity". Jagmohan is a friend n fan of CMC.Dr. Tim Brook

Dr. Tim Brook is a well wisher and a mentor of Channel Mountain Communication. He trained Jayprakash Panwar ‘JP’, the Managing Director of CMC in New Media Arts mathematics at the Center for New Media Arts (CNMA), the Australian Nation University (ANU), Canberra. Tim is an independent multimedia artist--among other things, he makes slide-tape works. He blends colour slides on a screen one after the other to produce a sequence of slowly changing images. He describes each slide-tape work as 'an invitation to make connections'. He's been making them since 1981, working with composers, performers, theatrical directors and with other visual artists. Once he worked with a Reggae band and once with a Nigerian Rastafarian and four drummers. Now he works mainly with recorded sound and commissioned music. As a photographer, Tim was originally known for documenting the work of visual and performing artists. Since 1994, most of his work has been a close study of surfaces--their textures, patterns and colours. His corrugated iron series is one result of this study. More recently he has been photographing reflections. [ ]B. Mohan Negi

Channel Mountain Communication is fond, fan and friend of devoted artist B. Mohan Negi. His hundreds of illustrations, sketches, paintings and cartoons have been published in prestigious magazines, newspapers and books. He made a history to initiate cartoons in Garhwali dialects. Apart from this, he is also a pioneer in Bhojapatra (a tree skin) paintings, sketches and poetry posters. He has exhibited his solo work at regional, national and international art galleries, museums, schools, institutions and universities. Mr. Negi has a rare collection of Postal Tickets and old literature of Uttarakhand. Plaster of Peris (POP) sculptures is another dimension of his art work. He is a well known personality, passionate artist and a recipient of number of awards, appreciation and felicitation. We always benefited by his encouragement and guidance. He lives is beautiful town of Pauri Garhwal.Jagmohan Bangani

Jagmohan is a promising artist and friend n fan of Channel Mountain Communication. He is a regular visitor of our studio, while he is in the Doon valley. He studied fine arts from UK.Neelendra Joshi

Neelendra Joshi is a researcher and consultant by training and profession. A native of the Himalayan hills, he is associated with mountain farming communities in the Garhwal and Kumaun hills of the Himalayan region in northern India, and has inherent passion in research, education and advocacy programs addressing these communities at various levels. Currently, he is pursuing a dual doctoral degree program in Entomology and Comparative and International Education at The Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA. He has been a fellow of the Ford Foundation International Fellowship, NY, USA, and recipient of numerous other prestigious honors and awards, and has several publications to his credit. He is a friend and supporter of Channel Mountain Communication.

Dear all, we are coming up with more profiles of friends, fans and mentors.

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